I’m going to be taking a break from posting here. In the mean time, here’s an updated index of previous posts. Thanks for reading…

1. Citizenship and athletic victory

2. The torch relay and ancient festival envoys

3. Why did ancient athletes cover themselves in oil?

4. A travelling athlete

5. A visitor to the Olympics

6. Olympic preparations

7. A death in the gymnasium

8. Funding Olympic athletes

9. The Olympic dominance of the city of Kroton

10. The deaths of Markos Alfidios and Wouter Weylandt

11. Criticising the Olympics

12. Ancient athletic festivals and private enterprise

13. The International Olympic Committee website and the Olympic truce

14. Spectators as spectacle

15. The cultural Olympiad and the musical contests of the ancient world

16. Judging form and placing bets

17. New sports in the Olympic programme

18. CVs on stone

19. Children’s books on the ancient Olympics

20. The opening ceremony at the ancient Olympics

21. Whipping spectators at the ancient Olympics?

22. Imagining victory

23. Going home after the Olympics

24. Disabled athletes in the ancient world?

25. Cheating in ancient sport

26. Sweat collectors in the gymnasium

27. Ball sports in the Roman empire

28. An ancient climbing contest

29. Sexual abstinence in ancient athletic training

30. Ephebic education and the London 2012 legacy